Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We can bill most PPO insurance companies and would be happy to bill them as a courtesy to you. All copays and deductibles (if applicable) are due at the time of service. Call the office (818) 766-6114 to find out if your plan is one of the plans we accept.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do, through Care Credit. You can make extended payments and interest free payments using Care Credit. You can apply at the following link:

What happens at my first visit?

We welcome new patients and always enjoy getting to know you and discovering how we can help you achieve optimal dental health. At the first visit, you will meet Dr. Sands and our team. One of our highly trained assistants will take a full set of digital x-rays as well as a series of dental photographs, for Dr. Sands to evaluate. Dr. Sands will also do a visual exam in order to fully examine each tooth and the health of your gums. He does an oral cancer screening and will diagnose any necessary treatment. Our treatment coordinators will then review his findings, develop a treatment plan, go over any fees with you and schedule your appointments.

Do you do metal free restorations?

Yes, we do. We believe it is important to make your dental restorations look and feel as much like your natural teeth as possible. We offer white, composite fillings as well as, all porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers. Dr. Sands is a perfectionist when it comes to making your teeth look natural and beautiful.

Why do I need x-rays and are they safe?

The doctor can only see so much with a visual examination and feeling each tooth with his dental instruments. It is imperative that we have x-rays on each of our patients in order to properly diagnose and treat a cracked, broken, or decaying tooth. We use digital x-rays, which emit 80% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. In fact you probably get more radiation from being outside in the sun. We also have x-ray units in each of our treatment rooms, so you never have to move to a separate x-ray lab area, like you would in the old days. We take a full set of x-rays at your first visit and then a smaller, check-up set once a year after that.

I haven’t been to the dentist in many years, can I just come in for a cleaning?

We do not do a dental cleaning at your first visit. The first visit is just with Dr. Sands, for a comprehensive exam and a full set of x-rays. Once Dr. Sands has seen you and evaluated your dental health and assessed what kind of professional dental cleaning you need based on his findings, we then schedule your second visit with one of our highly skilled Registered Dental Hygienists, for your first cleaning in our office.

My gums bleed, is that normal?

No, it is not normal for your gums to bleed. It is a fairly common misconception about gums, that it is normal for them to bleed, especially when you brush and floss. If your hand was cut and continually bleeding on a daily basis, you would not think that is normal. Bleeding gums are likely signs of gum disease. There may not always be pain when there is gum disease, but bleeding is an indicator that there may be periodontal (gum) disease present. You want to get your gums healthy before there is pain and you are at risk for tooth loss. Once your gums have been properly treated and you’re on a consistent schedule of professional dental cleanings, as well as, doing your part (brushing, flossing, etc.) at home your gums will become healthier and you should be able to thoroughly brush and floss without any bleeding at all.

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